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Outbound Call Center Services

Reach out to your customers. And then no pedestal of success will be out of reach for your enterprise! With an efficacious Outbound Call Center System, you can individually apprise people about your brand and enhance your brand awareness and brand reputation. And with such brand promotions, big bucks, big sales and big profits will follow.


Our Outbound Call center Services are:


  • Lead Generation
  • Harness the business leads and enhance your sales easily with our Lead Generation.
    Leads are obtained after our Agents sift the keen customers from the bulk of the mass. Each of these keen customers is a probable sale. And the marketing team can sell, and achieve their targets of sales, with least effort, by pursuing the leads. We provide you the list of leads categorized into ‘Keen’, ‘Very Keen’ and ‘Most Keen’, so that you can further prioritize within the leads. We also write the crux of our conversation with the customer in the sheet, so that your sales team knows what has already transpired and where to take forward from. Our Agents are target driven and equipped in salesmen’s skills to get maximum and most gainful list of leads.


  • Mail Follow Up
  • Make every Call count with Mail Follow-up.
    A single call made by an Agent might get buried in a person’s memory. But one thing with higher shelf-life is an e-mail. So if you send in an email immediately after your call, then the person registers the conversation and takes it more seriously, as e-mails are considered more authentic than just calls. You can mention the crux of your call in that email, and also provide description of the product/service and share links. Each of our follow-up email is unique and customized according to the conversation had.
    Thuis follow-up method will help you to clinch the deals as you establish stronger relationships.


  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Meet the right people and meet your targets with our appointment scheduling.
    Any appointment is scheduled typically after a lot of persistent calls and follow-ups.  Your sales team can lose vital time and energy in this process. We provide you the service of preparing your appointment chart, so that you can focus on the encashment of these meetings, instead of arranging them. Our Agents will establish the first contact and elucidate your products/services to the customer and request an appointment. The resultant appointment schedule will be accessible to you 24x7 in a digital sheet. All cancellations or changes will also be intimated to you in real time. Our Agents will also send reminders and get confirmations before your sales team steps out for the meeting.


  • Debt Collection
  • Grow financially strong by procuring what you owe, only with our assured debt collection.
    Our Agents make calls in a courteous yet firm voice, to the indebted customers for Debt Collection. We now have a specialized team of callers who have handled more than 12 projects and now are adept in the process. Our Agents are determined and perseverant while making these calls, which often require maximum follow-up. We have a time-bound and target based approach to procurement. Our first priority is those customers who have debt of large amounts. Our Debt Collection sheet is accessible to you 24x7, and it has all the call details like the number of calls that have been made and the response by customer each times. We have the highest rate of debt collection  and prior experience of successfully dealing with obdurate customers.

  • Database Selling
  • Maximize your profits through superior Database Selling.
    Our Agents are proficient at selling the products to the Database provided by you. We consolidate your raw database and make individual marketing calls. Our Agents eloquently allure customers to your products and services and convert calls into orders, and further into sales. We also re-categorize your Database into most probable customers and most improbable customers as we gauge the customer on factors like loyalty, keenness, etc.
    Even a huge exhaustive Database is of no worth if the contacts in it are not used and they lay rotting. Through our dedicated Database Selling you get the dual advantage of having your Database refreshed, re-connect to all the customers, develop loyalty through communication and make profits through sales.


  • Product Promotion
  • Let profits accrue with our targeted product promotions.

    We are an organization where each Agent is a marketer abreast with the managing professionals of the world. And our senior management team has the experience of handling hundreds of product launches. So this is your single window where you can get your unique customized marketing strategy as well as find personnel to execute it. You can entirely delegate your product promotion to us. We will help you identify your target audience, obtain database of this targeted segment, design a specific marketing strategy to cater to them and then finally individually allure everybody to the product. Our Product Promotion ensures a successful product launch for you and its penetration into the market.


  • Market Research
  • Know the market better than anybody else with our Market Research.
    Our Agents conduct the most authoritative survey to provide you insights about the dynamics of the ever-changing market. We prepare an exhaustive questionnaire taking your inputs. The answers are obtained and analyzed to prepare a presentation highlighting the key findings of the survey. With these revelations you can understand that what kind of product you should launch, what kind of audience you should target, what kind of discounts and offers you should offer. With our accurate findings, you can make the most effective marketing strategy which can trounce your competition.


  • Seminar Booking
  • Make every seminar successful with our dedicated Seminar Booking

    Our Agents can take over the responsibility of personally inviting your guests and the audience. We ensure that you have a hassle-free seminar where you can focus on the subject of your speech. We shall also follow- up with reminders and ensure the people turn up at your seminar and guarantee its popularity. When you delegate the seminar booking to us, rest assured, people will definitely turn up at the event in large numbers due to our Agents’ eloquent invitations and reminders.

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