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Inbound Call Center Services

Opportunities come calling in. All you have to be is receptive.
Indeed you can overturn the fortune of your enterprise if you just have an impeccable inbound call center system. When you greet and cater to each customer, you are able to increase your brand reputation and your sales.


Our Inbound Call center Services are:


  • Order taking
  • Convert each call into a sale.
    Our Agents interact genially with the calling customers and cross-sell and up-sell your products. We have a negligible hold time and a zero abandonment rate, even if there is a spike in the calls, like typically after broadcasting of an info-commercial. If the customers insist we describe the features of the products they wish to buy and lure them for the purchase. We assist the customers to make a booking online- or a tele-booking, and direct them on modes and methods of payment. All the orders placed will be accessible to you 24x7 through a digital sheet.


  • Customer Care and Support
  • Convert each customer into a loyal customer with our Customer Care and Support.
    Every single loyal customer is priceless for any enterprise. Not just because the loyal customer will buy products from you for an entire lifetime (leading to sustained sales). But a loyal customer will refer your product to others and lead to impactful Word of Mouth Marketing. We provide you the best solution for our customer care services. We ensure ‘First Call Resolution’ for maximum customers. Our courteous and calm Agents are skilled at handling the most irate customers. Even if the caller is disgruntled, rest assured our customer care Agents will bring back the smile for the caller’s face before ending the conversation so that there is 100% customer retention.


  • Technical Helpdesk Support
  • Never be troubled because of a technical glitch again
    Productivity of any enterprise depends not just on the human resource, but also the technological resource which it employs. We ensure minimum down time and a zero technical glitch workplace. We avert any system crash or virus attacks etc. with our range of preventive measures. We provide you both on-site as well off-site support for any software or hardware related issues. Our technical experts will assist you to upgrade and acclimatize to new technologies of the market as well.


  • Phone Answering Service
  • Never miss an opportunity, never miss a call.
    Most of the callers will hang up when they discover it is a voicemail. As a business enterprise, people definitely, and rightly, expect you to be more responsive. Voicemails might work amongst friends and family, but a customer is neither as patient nor as attached, to dutifully leave a message and wait for a call. The customer, especially a first-time caller will simply cut the call and dial another enterprise. We therefore have dedicated answering service, where our Agents will receive all the calls and share whatever transpired in the call with you. The conversation summary of each call is maintained in a digital sheet and is accessible to you at all times.


  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Find the voice of your enterprise
    Interactive Voice Response, or IVR as it is popularly known, is the pre-recorded voice message which your customers listen to whenever they call in. IVR can give desired responses when the customers key in the numbers as guided by the instruction. IVR lends a professional image to your organization, and you get the benefit of a consistently pleasing interaction. We offer you with the option to develop your customized IVR. We help you in scripting the message, recording it by our voice artistes, and also technically integrate the software of IVR system. We can also develop technically advanced integrated dynamic IVR systems for your enterprise, which can speak out the information given in a digital system, in real time. Such IVR finds maximum application in telecom and banking organisations. 


  • Inquiry Handling
  • Convert every query into a deal
    Whenever you get a query, you must know that caller is interested in your enterprise. The person is reaching out to you with the question. We ensure that every question is responded back with the best, most eloquent, informative and accurate answers. Our Agents handle every query in such a manner that all the further questions, doubts, apprehensions etc. are put to rest. We provide immaculate answers elaborating the products/services of your organization, guiding the caller for the final deal.


  • Direct Mail Response
  • Convert communications into relations with replies
    E-mail is one of the most widely used modes for business communication. While an e-mail is as fast as a chat on the messenger, its authenticity is considered equivalent to a document. This makes it the most preferred way of talking for genuine professional conversation. And if you do not respond to the e-mail of customers promptly, then it reflects poorly on the professionalism of your enterprise. We ensure infallible responses to each e-mail, appropriately answering everyone. We keep drafted replies ready for the typical queries. And for unique queries, we obtain approved answers from you within maximum 24 hours. We respond in real-time to the customers and get real gains.

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